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Edward, 15 years old, says:
Ever since I was little I knew that I was gay. I always felt attracted to boys. I was always teased for having friends that were girls. I live in South Florida which is fairly open or so I'm told. Ever since I was twelve men my father's age would come onto me. It was scary. My parents are liberal and have always told me that they'd love me no matter what. Finally one day we were listening to National Public Radio. The radio program was about being honest about yourself and your sexuality. I decided that since there was a hurricane on the way(George) that I had to tell. My mom was going to the post office and on the way I told her that I was gay. She said that she loved me and then she told my father. My mother and I have always been close but she is still in denial, but she is still kind to me. My father and I have become closer and we talk about it whenever I want which really helps. I don't have a boyfriend and I would like one but I don't even know if I'm ready for that. In a few months I am moving to Jacksonville which I've heard is very prejudice. I'm terrified but I know that if I stay strong I will survive.
·South Florida·