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Kirk, 17 years old, says:
It starts out about 2 weeks before my mom found out. My life has just been completely horrible for the past year or so, because I realized to myself that I could no longer deny I was gay. I felt like I couldn't tell I thought about suicide. I had written a letter I planned on pinning to my shirt right before I "did it". I had written it in a notebook I stuck between my chair and bed. My mom had gone snooping one night, it was December 28 1998. I was in here on the computer, and she came in and sat down next to me. She never said anything to me, and that was kind of freaking me out, but she got up and left after about 5 minutes. About 15 minutes later she was dressed and said she was going to town for coffee. My little sister (as always) asked if she could go and my mom said no. She told me to go to town with her, which was really weird, it was like 9:50 pm on Dec. 28th, and she wanted to go to town with me and no one else, and I definitely knew something was wrong...and I kind of suspected what it was about too. She asked if I wanted a milk shake from Hardees, I said no. We went to Price Chopper and got the coffee, and bought my fav. snack, Hot and Spicy Chex Mix. We were driving home, then she pulled into Hardees parking lot, I WAS SOOO SCARED. She told me she found something in my room, and asked me if I knew what it was. I said no, hoping it wasn't that letter. I knew she knew, and she asked again if I knew and I said yes. My hands were really shaking and I could feel a lump in my throat and tears ready to burst from my eyes. She said she wanted me to know her and dad would always love me no matter what, then that's when we both started crying, and we hugged. She made it very clear that I should never think about suicide, and she is right, no matter what you think, your family will always be there, I have learned that. She didn't tell my dad until I was ready for him to know, which was about 2 weeks later. I feel absolutely wonderful now, and even have a boyfriend (HI to Randy if you're reading this!). I hope this helps anyone out there who is having experiences similar to what I already went through.
·St. Louis, Missouri·