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Merlin, 15 years old, says:

Well, it started a bit earlier than them actually finding out, I had been on the internet for a while and during that time, I had met many people and started a chat room for gay teens. It was really kewl to get to talk to people who were going through the same experience as I was, and a lot of them were still "closeted." Which was good, we talked a lot and leaned on each other. This past summer, I went on a long "vacation" (hiking). While I was gone, our Scoutmaster (who was good with computers and also a homophobe...) randomly asked my mom if she knew what I was doing on the internet, she said no, and they decided to search the hard drive. Well, needless to say, they found the logs from my chatroom and found them pretty revealing. When I got back, I found all my internet connections gone, with all the programs deleted. I knew they had been busy... Anyways, neither of them had the guts to tell me, my mom's boyfriend (he is really kewl about the gay thing...) took me to Wendy's and got me a frostie, and we parked in a parking lot and talked about it. The outcome is, my mom is still in denial, she thinks at 15 you don't know everything (which is right, but still, I know my sexuality...). My scoutmaster surprisingly has become really okay with it, and dropped almost all of his homophobic feelings. I told my sister, who is graduating from college in may, and she was really okay with it too. In time, I guess my mom will accept it too. So, I guess I didn't really have a choice as to how or when I came out, it just happened. Since then, I've told several of my friends at school (most of them are girls, most str8 guys can't deal with the gay thing...) and they're all really kewl about it.