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Welcome to Gay Teen Resources

Hello. If you are reading this then I would like to take a moment of your time and welcome you to one of the finest sites for the GLBT youth of today.  

Our web home is under constant construction to add more and more user submissions and content so some of the services that are offered may not be available at all times though we strive to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

I welcome you to join the mailing list and start posting on the forums and please visit regularly. We may be behind the website but this is not our community, it is yours. You the users make the website and all of this worthwhile. 

If there is anything that you don’t see that you think would be of benefit to yourself and others that use this community please email your suggestion. We take all suggestions into consideration and in the past most have been implemented.

A large portion of our site consists of submissions by users such as you.  If you do anything creative or just like to write or participate please feel free to email with your ideas, or your work. User based content not only personalizes the experience but also allows the site to flourish.  

To the older adults that find and participate in our site please note the following:  

Most of our visitors here and on the mailing list are kids/young adults; however, in the past and present there are/has been a large adult population as well.  That is great as adults provide a keen insight as to what they went through at this age; however, as an adult in a younger GLBT forum you are here to serve as a resource and role model for the younger generation of youth using this community.  So make sure your intent is pure and please act responsibly.  Any violation of trust or inappropriate action will not be tolerated and if deemed necessary will be reported to your ISP and/or local authorities. This is a resource site and community not a boy-love or hookup site.

Should you be an older adult starting to come to terms with your sexuality the information on this stie should be of benefit to you as well. You also can feel free to email me directly.  

Lastly, please enjoy everything that we offer and please feel free to email at any time with questions, comments, concerns, and ideas, etc… no matter how big or how small.  

GTR Administration