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Robin, 22 years old, says:
"Do you want to eat me?", My neighbor asked me. We were 6 years old. I remember.The first step of an empty life.
In Brazil is an ordinary kidstuff little boys playing with their things. We grow up and boys started looking for girls and dating them. So did I...but somehow inside, I still wanted to have those kidstuffs with my friends. And they , naturaly, did not.
13,14,15,16...years were going by and, perhaps because I was trying to hide and deny my feelings and the fear of what they cust cause me, I have dated a lot of girls and I never loved any of them. Suicide was always a door brigthing me the end of my suffering. 
Through the last 2 years I have dated a st8 boy Andy. We were in love but we coudn't face the world and make it happen. He left me last month because he fell in love with a very beautiful blond girl. I was depressed. So mummy made me the painful and the no way out question: "Are you gay?" She always Knew that, but she was too scared and shamed and feeling guilt to believe that the answer was yes. Mummy will never be the same after this. She blames herself. Every day I ask myself if will have a happy end to this story...loneliness kills slowly like a cancer...