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Ev, 15 years old, says:
I was on the computer one night and my mom came in the room, sat down, and started asking me really weird questions. Do you have any gay friends? Is Evan (my boyfriend she thought was just a friend) gay? Would it bother you if someone you knew was gay?
Well I was getting pretty scared and paranoid so I dodged the questions and left the room. I went downstairs to my room and saw that the lock had been taken off and my room had been entered. But I didn't think I had anything in their that would give it away.
So I went back up to mom and directly asked if she'd been in my room. She said yes and I asked what she found that made her ask so many questions. By now I was sweating and planning my suicide.
She said she found an envelope I was gonna send to Evan which I suddenly remembered contained a very personal letter. Well by now I'm ready to jump out the window and she breaks the camels back by directly asking me if I'm gay.
I gulped and sweat poured off my body, but I managed to say "Yes" I can't tell you how both scared and relived I was at that moment. She was very kewl about it but started asking some really horrible questions. I just bit my lip and gave some vague answers until I said I was going downstairs.
She has been great about it and things haven't been awkward at all. I can tell she is thinking and hoping that I'll change my mind cuz she occasionally says stuff about knowing more when I go and have life experience, even though I tried very hard to make her understand that I've been gay for as long as I can remember.
It really was the best thing to come out. Even though I would rather have done it a different way. It has been a great weight off my shoulders and I recommend coming out to anyone who feels like their being crushed by the secret.