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In a world that grows ever smaller with each passing hour, you can find yourself in a plethora of possibilities. Our lives are filled with pressures and choices that shape us in to whom we are and what we will become. Do we really control our lives or is it a complex calculations of mathematical algorithms?

To say the least, life is complex, but for the majority, the choices are up to us to decide. Yet, a deeper hidden structure only surfaces when we make a choice.  To lie or not to lie, now there is a question that many of us should ask ourselves. The truth is that most of us lie about something. Now before you say “not me”, look deep with in your soul before you condemn yourself in malicious perjury. The fact is the lie is more common than the truth. It is the make-up for human existence. Lies come in many shapes and complexities.  

The little lies are the most common; they tend to be half-truths mingled with a tarnished perception of what we want. They are also the hardest to keep up with and sometimes snowball into a monumental fabrication. The little white lie, it’s as innocent as youth and as dark as the purest evil. So, what makes us lie about things?   Most little white lies are cover-ups or exaggerations to make us more comfortable with ourselves. It is the inner struggle with whom we are and whom we want to be that makes the complexities so prevalent. Fame and fortune do not stop the lies they just give them a wider range of possibilities. Acceptance is a common reason for lies, making yourself something grand and desirable. For instance, telling someone you're related to someone famous, you're a model, that you're wealthy.  These are simple reasons for lying. When you dissect it to its finer elements it is pride that has us lie. This can also be some what of a sickness, some can not any longer distinguish right from wrong, who are oblivious to the truth and to the lie. Every fact and fiction is their reality. The more accustom society becomes with lies the more accepted they become. Right down to the President, lying under oath to his people.  

The lie has been given fancier names such as perjury, contradiction, untruths and falsehoods. Regardless what you call them they are the same. A wolf in sheep’s clothing is still a wolf. Look at the lie for what it is. Could it be the dawn of the end of human civilization? Can you truly trust someone after they have lied to you? Does it really matter anymore?  

A lie is a lie that is the simple fact. No lie is right, yet we justify them in cases where someone could ultimately be hurt or scared. Here is how this goes “Hunny, do you think I look fat in this shirt?”  Now honesty would require the truth, and maybe in the truth this would hurt the feelings of the person asking the question. Therefore, what do we do as a society, you got it we lie. “No babe, you look great.” Is that wrong? That’s for you to decide, but a lie is a lie, if this is ok then O.J. Simpson is innocent and that’s a fact.  

The lie is more prevalent when it can’t be proved, such as online.  Here you meet people that can’t seem to tell the truth. Everything is of ‘mixed reality’. The online world of lies are practiced and highly guarded. The lies that make the person are vast with immeasurable depths. Some are all together fakes, with no truth at all. Most though are real, just not as real as they make themselves to be. This fabricated perception of fantasy is the ultimate lie.  

In a world of make believe the cyber reality is nothing more than the lie with personality. Acceptance of this pretense is all you can do to survive on the net. Your persona is the reality you portray to the cybernetic world. You can be who you want to be anyone or anything. Is that a lie? Cyberspace is not reality or is it?  

We have given the ever-shrinking world its own lie. A cyber reality, with complex calculated mathematical algorithms. Now the truth about lies unfolds before our very eyes and as it passes it dulls or senses to the numbing fact that we are not in control.  

So before you believe it remember that the best lies are the truth.